Love in Numbers

5 years ago I met a man who stopped me in my tracks and kick-started my heart.

Then I left the country for 5 months.

4 years ago I returned to Croatia, back into the swing of the season – the spark was still there but we let it lay dormant for a while.

5 weeks spent together at the end of the season to see if there was truly something there...

Then I left the country.

I spent every moment trying to convince myself it was just a summer fling.

8 months later he was still on my mind; so I booked a one-way ticket to Croatia to find out. Brave or fool?

2 years and 3 months ago I arrived back in Croatia.

After 2 weeks we were in a rhythm. After 2 months we knew this was it.

5 days to plan a wedding.

1 day before the BIG day my father flew in to surprise and support us. 

2 years ago today I married the counterpart to my soul. 

We were both always whole, but we need each other to shine a light on the half we had shielded all these years.

One day at a time we grow more into ourselves, we work at our relationship and our love continues to blossom.

2 years ago I married my love, today I can say that man is my best friend.

I can’t imagine 1 moment, 1 day, 1 life without you.

Here’s to many more years of love in numbers.

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