I am home

Home is in the sunrise, in every sun fall,
in the shimmering of the sea
her turquoise depths calling to me

Home is the tree from my childhood,
playing around it, sheltered, now growing in my heart
limbs spread out, roots running deep, never forget

Home is my sister and brothers,
the different paths they walk, tired but determined
to be better than the footsteps before us

Home is my father standing steady and strong,
always by my side and my foundation
strength of a bond built through actions not words

Home is aspiring to some of my mother’s qualities,
the ones she doesn’t completely accept
buried under fear and doubt, but I see

Home is closing my eyes,
hearing the pure laughter of my nieces and nephews,
rising through my soul, a melody in my heart

Home is in his arms, his touch, his scent, his vibration
the depth of his green-grey eyes
they soak me through, ‘til I shimmer afresh
Home is the light within
the light I have hidden for so long
the roaring flame I will no longer dim

Home is where the heart is,
My heart is in all these things and more…

I am home.

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