There Jugo messing with emotions, messing with my head

In Croatia they have a wind called Jugo (pronounced you-go, hence my clever pun of a title), it is a strong South Eastern wind that blows onto the shores of the Adriatic from the Sahara desert of Africa, it is a low-pressure warm wind that appears to do more than just bring wind and mess with our hair...

As a foreigner living in this country, I thought I had enough to deal with adjusting to the lifestyle, culture and language differences, now apparently I need to worry about the weather too! Jugo is a wind and a story entrenched in the Dalmatian history, going back to the days of the Old Republic of Dubrovnik – where no laws were allowed to be passed when Jugo wind was blowing; even then these were a people so attuned with their surrounding and nature, that it was known that Jugo affects one’s emotions and mind, hence judgment.

This is about to be my 4th summer here, and honestly I have never really paid too much attention to this story, classifying it as myth in my mind and paying no heed…Until recently that is. Over the last while, I have been making a conscious attempt to remain more grounded, present and be aware of my emotions. There are certain factors I know which affect me (every woman will understand this), and there are certain triggers which I am learning as well, but my drop in mood and energy this week was unexplainable – at one stage my energy dropped so drastically that I was incapable of anything, I left work early, came home and fell dead asleep (now maybe this would not be unusual in Dalmatia to come home and have a nap in the afternoon, but it definitely is not my style). I really couldn’t understand and was starting to get angry at myself for feeling like this, that is until my husband said 3 beautiful words and it all made sense: “Jugo is coming” (To je Jugo)

The oncoming signs of Jugo are a calm sea, weak changeable winds, an increase in temperature and a gradual decrease in pressure.

Now let me explain my oncoming signs of Jugo this week: feeling completely flat, changing mood, headaches, an increase in irritability and a decrease of energy…

There is plenty of scientific research that shows low pressure correlates to certain physical and emotional states, but other than knowing I feel happier (well at least the placebo effect of feeling happier) when the sun is out, I never paid too much attention to any other weather patterns.

Now I can either choose to get annoyed at yet another adjustment I need to make living in this country, OR I can view it positively and see that:

1. Perhaps I am becoming more Dalmatian, and maybe I fit in more than I thought...
2. I finally have a valid excuse backed by science and history as to why I am moody (I am only partially crazy some of the time for no reason)

So when you are feeling down just listen to the smooth, relaxing tones of Bob  Dylan and sing along... the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.

Hvala Hrvatska. Another lesson learnt.

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