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Since posting my blog it has been amazing the number of people that have got in touch to simply say that they find it entertaining, they can relate, (to remind me that I have been on a coffee date before and not all guys are bad…) and even some people to ask me some of their own internal questions. It would appear that I am not alone; that we all actually have very similar thoughts but have probably all been too scared to voice the crazy inner-dialogue and ramblings for fear of sounding ridiculous… So if by baring my soul a little and essentially “standing naked in front of a crowd coz' these words are my diary screaming out loud…” helps others in the slightest, I shall continue doing just this.

There is a video by Alan Watts 
called “What if money was no object” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2L_cGjQSR80). A good friend of mine posted it on my timeline a while ago, because he thought it sounded identical to a conversation I had had with him, it is also a subject that keeps coming up recently – the topic and the video literally keep jumping out at me. So once again I will take this as a perfect opportunity to do some out loud thinking (warning that I by no means have the answers, and will take no responsibility for actions anyone takes subsequently).

When I had this similar conversation with one of my friends; he was questioning his career and what he was doing. So I asked him the question, “if money wasn't important… picture yourself in your ideal role, what are you doing, what does it look like, how does it feel?...” The truth is these are all very simple questions, but questions we don’t often allow ourselves to ask. Why? Maybe because we are scared of the answers; that living our dreams and finding happiness is for the lucky few, but not for all. We are all here for a purpose; and deep within us a quiet voice whispers what that purpose is. But this is a very scary thought indeed – what if we do listen, and realize that what we are currently doing, does not bring us happiness, surely we cannot just uproot or change everything – this is not the done thing, and is far too difficult; the status quo is much simpler…

The essence of Alan Watt’s video was that if we follow our hearts and do what makes us happy; eventually we can make a living out of it. There is a big wide world out there and you can guarantee that if you are interested in something, there will be others out there that share the same interest. And if you are passionate about something, your drive and determination comes from a genuine place; sparking creativity and ingenuity that can’t be faked. Hence you will eventually become an expert in your field. There are the skeptics out there, who would tear this statement apart in a second - yelling "you naive girl, this is all very good and well, a nice fairy-tale if you will, but you are forgetting the one very important fact... we need money to survive!" Yes; this is true to an extent. But what Alan Watts is saying here is that when we do follow our true passion, we master it, and can hence be successful from it. Or perhaps you have a job  that pays the bills, but allows you the freedom to pursue your greater ambitions and interests in life (whether it is hobbies or having a family life) - this is also success!

I have been lucky enough in my life to be surrounded by people chasing their dreams with a seemingly endless drive and motivation, leaving me standing in awe of their achievements and what is possible. There are too many to list here; and success is a relative term, but I have many friends and family with their own businesses, leading the way in their field: whether it is fashion, restaurants, IT, construction… I also have friends and family who have a beautiful and successful family life – their children becoming their ultimate achievement. Whatever your definition is, if you follow it fearlessly, you will achieve it.

Sometimes it just takes that first small step; other times it is a giant leap of faith. But when you finally follow what it is you want to be doing in life, you would be amazed the things that start to fall into place. This does not mean it will always be easy, but the challenges faced will seem much less compared to the constant drain of being in something that brings you no joy; because in doing so you will have the strength that is bestowed upon you when we follow YOUR dream and no one else’s.

Life is too short to do anything other than what makes us happy. A friend messaged me recently saying that he feels he is chasing success, but also wants love and a family life eventually… he is worried that perhaps they are mutually exclusive, can you have success and love? Another big question; and considering I have neither… again I am not sure I am the best person to answer this…

All I can say is no one can see exactly where our lives will end up: if we will reach that success, meet our partner, have a family… but we are not meant to. If you truly had the option to see exactly what life had in store for you, would you take it? If we keep looking to the future, or more so our fear of the future, we miss the present; which is the only place that has any power. Just like when you are snowboarding or surfing, if you keep looking down, you eventually fall to the one place you don’t want to be. As it is with our fear - if we keep looking to where we don’t want to end up, eventually we inadvertently make decisions in the present that lead us to that same place we fear. So long as you hold your goals in mind while following your passion and heart you are more likely to ride that fresh powder, or big wave of life! 

So what do we do from here? For me, I am simply trying to be the best version of me that I can in every moment. From the outset it may seem like I am just coasting through life, traveling to avoid the real world. But something tells me that this is all part of my journey and is required at the moment; something felt but not easy to explain. Of course I have goals and ambitions in mind, but I have a stronger belief that everything will fall into place when it is meant to. This doesn't completely stop the fears and worries from surfacing, the same thoughts of: “you are wasting your time, you will never achieve anything, you are a failure, there is no room for love in your life as well as success…”  But that is exactly what these are – fears of the mind; which constantly tries to sabotage the work of the heart. I am on a journey of choosing to follow my heart, wherever it may lead, because at the end of the day, I know that this is where happiness lies.

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