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So my second last night in Croatia, it was Thursday and I was in Split, I was getting flown to Istanbul to our head office on the Saturday morning from Zagreb for a debrief of the summer and to do some writing for them for 2 weeks (so I literally knew what my life involved for 2 weeks, but again had no idea what I was doing after that... panic).

I had to get to Zagreb on the Friday, but decided last minute that I would go to Hvar for the night as I loved that place and wanted to say goodbye to all of the staff at the bars and restauarants there. So I took an overnight bag, bought my ferry tickets - the return was the 6:30am water ferry  and purchased my train ticket to Zagreb which was at 1pm so I really couldn't miss the ferry... and off to Havr I went.

side note: truth be told I was actually meant to be there 2 nights earlier, as the bar manager (Sasa) from Kiva bar (which was my favourite bar) had organised an apartment for me, I was to catch the 6am water taxi from Korcula... surprise surprise, I had a big night out, stayed up until 5am  - thinking it was wiser to stay awake the whole time, then at 5:10am decided she should have a 15min powernap, 2 hours later... still on my boat (that as I was meant to have left as another tour leader took over) and sailing to Makarska... classic Tash! But surely I learnt from this right?...

I arrived in Hvar and to my apartment, which was gorgeous, and I was kicking myself for not having spent more time there. Then I took myself for a good look around - as on all my tours this was always the first destination; so we literally arrived, had a walking tour, went to dinner - a bar - the club, and this was all I knew of Hvar. So getting to wander around the streets, by myself without worrying I should be with a group of people was amazing.

 I had some dinner and believe it or not - a bottle of water, then went and sat on the terrace of my apartment that overlooked Hvar - amazing - but again kicking myself I hadn't been here sooner!!

At 10:30pm, I went and met Sasa and had a cocktail with him, then went up to my favourite restaurant - Marinero Brothers, had a couple of glasses of Rakije with the boys, back down to the bar at midnight and a toast to Sasa with the staff as it was his birthday, one more drink after that then...

I wake up fully clothed on my bed, at... 10am! Fuck!

What the hell?! Now I know it sounds like I had a few drinks, but trust me, 5 drinks is nothing compared to what I drank every night during summer. This was so bizarre, and oh my word my head hurt - I hadn't felt this bad or had this kind of blackout in I seriously don't know how long. Sasa calls and asks if I am alright and what happened to me...his words were - "you didn't even drink anything" I have no idea, but am so embarrassed. I came to say goodbye and this is now their last memory of me. He tells me they carried me to bed at 1am (at least I only have under an hour of memory loss, but means I went from fine, to incoherent in a very short space of time)... I have no idea if it was just my body's way of telling me that it had had enough now that the summer was over, or potentially my drink was spiked... either way I was absolutely gutted - but in saying that, thankful and very lucky that I was in a bar where all the staff knew me and looked after me.

I head up to the restaurant and have breakfast with staff there - who all laugh at me and are surprised to see me alive.. oh good, I'm glad no one noticed the state I was in..

I catch the afternoon ferry to Split, but have missed my train from Split to Zagreb, so I will have to catch a bus (in hindsight I should have just planned to do this anyway, knowing that I most likely would not make the 6am water taxi...).  As soon as I step off, my boat from the summer is docking up right beside the ferry - which is weird because we were never docked here all summer... but it works well because I couldn't bear the thought of carrying my backpack from the hostel to the bus station all by myself, so luckily one of the crew comes with me and helps (crazy how things work sometimes).

Straight to the bus station, and the next bus leaving is to Zagreb (thank god because all I want to do is close my eyes), I am still feeling completely spaced, my head is pounding and I am extremely nauseus (more and more I am thinking that I wasn't just drunk...) I get on the bus, wave goodbye to the crew and to Croatia as such, then on my way to Zagreb. I have put my laptop on the overhead shelf, and vow I will not forget it...

I try to sleep, as I am so tired, but all I can manage is to close my eyes. Five hours later and we are getting into Zagreb, I slowly start to panic, as with all the rush of getting back from Hvar and to Zagreb, I didn't even think about what I would do once in Zagreb for accommodation, I really am a tragic mess sometimes.

Just as the bus is about to pull up into the station, I finally realize that the couple sitting behind me is English and are talking about their hotel, as we get off I front up and decide to ask if I can share a taxi with them to their hotel so I can try book in (I didn't think to ask how much it cost). They say of course, so I jump in with them and chat idly until we get to their hotel, which as we pull up, my fear seems to be confirmed as the Concierge greets us and organizes for our bags to be collected, but I hardly have any other choice.

After checking in, and trying not to think about the cost - which wasn't too exorbitant, but on my budget it may as well have been the Hilton...I arrive to my room. Now this is potentially the nicest hotel room I have ever been in, and while I am a little stressed over money, I figure that after everything, this is maybe the perfect way to finish my stay in Croatia. I throw everything on the ground and slump on the bed, where I could have easily crashed out; then the thought comes to my mind - the laptop, double fuck!! (This has just not been my day).

I head to reception, hoping they can help; within minutes my lovely new friend Igor has called the bus company, got in touch with the driver and organised a taxi to collect the laptop off the driver who was on the other side of town in a hotel. 20min and only £15 later, I had the laptop back in my possession  and just had to laugh thinking that if I had stayed at a cheap hostel, I am pretty sure that this may not have been the outcome.

Back to my room, a long hot shower, and I jump into the biggest, softest, most luxurious bed ever; feeling quite content, other than the thought that pops into mind "this would be so much better if there was someone in this bed with me..." Dam annoying voice, always knows how to ruin a moment.

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