And the Heavyweight title goes to...


I wake up in the morning and am dying to get to my desk to see if there is a response from Francesca, if this actually goes through I will be very close to ticking everything off my 2012 list…
·         Half marathon
 t     Try bikram yoga                            
·         Travel by myself
·         Tour leader
·         Live in Florence
·         Learn Italian
           Sing in a bar (not karaoke)
·         Go blonde… (something completely random)

The first four are ticked off thus far and this really is shaping up to be the best year of my life! If you had told me in January that this is how I would feel I would most likely have laughed in your face, considering I spent the first few weeks of January crying almost every night for no apparent reason… ah Florence and the Machine you put it best when you sang “it’s always darkest before the dawn…”

So, in the office, straight to my desk and emails… And there was one from Francesca… Now I had to take a second to calm myself down, having spent last night day dreaming about how I would spend my days in Florence, and even having picked up my ‘Italian for beginners’ book, I have potentially just raised myself to an incredible height; like a new space shuttle launch, only to see it fire up, briefly leave the ground, then come crashing down with all hopes and dreams scattered around it… ok maybe this is a bit dramatic, but you get the picture, I seriously have no other plans outside of this.

Click. The email is a description of the family, and some more questions for myself – like do you smoke, do you like dogs, do you like sports, do you like children (this seems one of the more important questions that as a mother I potentially would have asked first)? But this all looks promising, as the questions are alluding to the fact that they are interested in me (phew, from viewing my CV they don’t think I am bi-polar, good start).

I send a response immediately, and then spend the rest of my time checking my emails again every few minutes. But Francesca replies quite quickly, and after a few more back and forth of questions, she says that she would like to offer me the position, and when can I start?? A-MAZ-ING!! (And also crazy considering I haven't met them, nor they me...) This would be the point in musical, where all of a sudden everyone bursts into a cheesy song about how “everything works out when you believe..”

But wait, there’s more, just as I am about to respond to this, ‘DING’, there is another email. This is from the psychologist that I worked for last year who coaches in the field of leadership and emotional intelligence (areas I am very interested in); asking me how I am, AND offering me a senior position back with them in London with sponsorship, for a LOT more money than what I would make being a nanny… Ah. Here it comes the age old battle between the heart and the mind... 

“And on one side of the ring we have the rational mind; with stability, money, a strong career and a string of successes to date on its side, it is very hard to argue with these accolades…”

“Then on the other side we have the heart; known for its sense of adventure and dynamic movements, its unpredictable combinations give it a certain stealth and quiet strength that seem to keep the punters on the edge of their seat always wondering what is coming next…”

“And they’re at it, the mind lands a startling first blow that seems to send the heart off balance, can it recover? The mind then sensing its opportunity sends a few more flurries of jabs at the heart, the heart manages to block the worst of the hits, but the mind keeps coming at him until he has him backed against the ring; it looks like it could be all over… but the heart has a spirit and determination of the likes that has never been seen before, he quickly glances to the left to gather some strength from his support crew it would seem... then he miraculously appears to recover from this onslaught, he goes for a left hook which the mind sees and goes to defend…but wait, it’s a dummy! The heart sends an uppercut which connects perfectly with the mind. The mind stumbles, takes a few steps back, and then crashes down to the canvas… it’s a knock out!! Heart wins, Heart wins!!

And there you have it folks, the odds were stacked neatly in favour of the mind, which the sensible punter would have had money on, but for those of you rooting for the underdog who clearly have a sense of adventure in your soul are the winners on the day.”

That is basically how it went down, though perhaps a little more sparring to a fro, and words of encouragement from the entourage. In all things, the mind should have won over… but the heart has not lead me astray thus far (well in most ways anyway...), so why stop now, on to the next adventure and living my Italian dream!!

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