From sailing the Adriatic to jostling through the crowds of Istanbul

I don't really want to get out bed and get to the airport, because then my summer in Croatia is officially over; maybe I can just stay here...

I force myself up, get ready, jump in a taxi and as I sit in the departure lounge waiting for my flight I have to fight back the feelings of sadness and lonliness.

Again I arrive in Istanbul, not knowing what to expect - I know I am here for about 2 weeks to help with some writing, but that is all I know. At least this time I am greeted with a familiar face - one of the guys from the office who I have met before is here to pick me up and take me to the hotel. Some idle chit chat, but my mind is still not really here. We arrive at the hotel, I get to my room which will be my home for 2 weeks, and I couldn't be more alone if I tried - I am in a room by myself in a hotel where none of the staff speak English (and I don't even know the basics in Turkish), and in an area which I am pretty sure I am the only non-Turkish person...I love the situations I get myself in.

The guy from the office arrives the next morning to show me the way to work; and I have to laugh, less than a week ago I was living on a boat, sailing the Adriatic around the beautiful Croatian islands, today I am navigating through the backstreets, traffic and jostling my way through the crowd to get to work - I don't think many can say their life changes this dramatically.

I get to the office, a brief meeting with the boss where I am told I am to write their entire 2013 travel itinerary. It's nothing overly exciting, you know just describing the trips and destinations - using lots of words like 'spectacular, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, experience of a life time...' that kind of stuff, but I actually quite enjoy it, and it keeps me busy enough to not think about how much I miss Croatia.

I have been given my own office, which is another milestone as I have never had my own office, and I have to say, it is actually quite nice..
View from my office
My office

It is really weird being in an office by yourself when you are used to being around people, but also not having anyone check-in. I come in when I am meant to start, and I am meant to finish at 7pm - being the diligent person that I am at 7:15pm I am still in my office kind of waiting for someone to tell me I can go, but no one does. By 7:30pm someone comes in and says that they are leaving soon and are the last one, so I better go other wise I will be locked in...good to know.

I make my back to the hotel, which is only a 30min walk away, and it is actually really nice to walk to and from work. Having lived in London for 2years and dealing with public transport, this is really refreshing, and a nice way to start and end the day. Getting back to the hotel, I am still feeling slightly lonely (as I have literally uttered about 5 words to anyone all day); but decide to make the most of it. There are not many opportunities in our life when we have the chance to be alone - after a summer spent around people 24/7, this could be a chance to have some 'Mary time', get back in touch with myself and oh yeah - exercise!

side note: having lived on a boat for 4 months and literally having drunk everyday and eaten in a restaurant every night, I now had some lovely cushioning where there was none before... Don't get me wrong, I'm not huge as such, but I would definitely not be capable of running a half marathon like I did at the start of the year. I have to be honest though, I have grown fond of my larger bum and breasts... so if I could keep these, but tone everything else, that would be ideal please....

So in my ever optimistic approach to life, I vowel that I will spend this month focusing on myself, reading, writing and getting back in shape, oh and maybe I will start reading that 'Basic Italian for Beginners' book again, just in case...

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