A day of small triumphs

After a few days of getting into my office and working away quietly until it is time to leave; there is a welcome break from my silence.  I have started sitting outside with my book after lunch for 15mins of fresh air and sunshine, today one of the guys from the office that does speak English very well, walks past, sees me and asks me if I want to get a coffee; so we head out after lunch and enjoy a coffee on a terrace overlooking all the high rises around us. It is nice to sit and talk to someone, and I kick myself for having not done this from the start, Emre tells me he just kind of forgot that I was there because I am tucked away - out of sight and out of mind as such.

When I get back to my emails after the coffee, I have an email from an italian lady called Francesca, enquiring about whether I was interested in the au pair position in Florence. Excitement floods through me as this was my original dream to live and work in Florence, learn the language, basically just live the Italian dream. So this is very nearly my ticket, and the Cheshire smile is back! I promptly email her back with my CV, and await a response. Not long after she says that my CV looks "interesting" - lets break down my current CV at it stands...
* Law degree and minor subjects in Psychology
* General Manager of a bar and restaurant
* Training and development manager of another couple of restaurants
* Assistant Manager at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant
* Trained to coach in Emotional Intelligence by leading psychologist
* Catering Manager at Goldman Sachs
* Tour leader sailing Croatia
currently: Travel Writer

So "interesting" is definitely one word for it. Recently one of my friends joked when I had given him an update of my life saying: "you are weapon!! Can you imagine the people in Human Resources when your CV lands on their desk??? They'd be like "lawyer, bar manager, psychologist, tour guide, travel writer... wait a minute, who the f**k is this bitch??!! We need her in our company now!!"

I had to laugh, but am more inclined to believe that any HR department is more likely to think that a) this is a joke b) this b***h is bipolar or c) this chick is an absolute legend!

Let's hope for the latter, though I still can't decide looking at this whether I am moving up in the world, or progressively down... either way I guess I have a lot of good stories.

Francesca replies, telling me she will discuss everything with her husband and get back to me (I have my fingers crossed that he doesn't think my CV is option A or B...)

I leave the office still completely on cloud nine! Having started the week, feeling slightly lonely, and with the quiet presence of panic and anxiety sitting patiently in the back of my mind waiting for their time to shine - which will inevitably come about when I reach the last day of work in Istanbul and again the realization dawns on me that I have no idea what I am doing after this... to potentially having work in Florence, which is where this whole adventure began! This feeling stays with me when I enter the supermarket, and have one of those proud moments when I say "hello" and "thank you" in Turkish - its the small triumphs in life.

Back to the hotel, and with all of this new found energy and enthusiasm, I turn my room into my own private gym/dance studio - and dance and jump around like a maniac, which I will very generously call exercising. Successful day!

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