What was that you said LMFAO? Day 11.

I wake yet again to the sound of my alarm and a very disorientated Tash turns it off. Shit. Wine tour. I'm still half drunk and the thought of tasting wines right now makes my stomach turn, so I go back to sleep.

At 11am Valerio comes in to wake me - ˝Mary, wine tour?˝ Dam it, missed that boat, Valerio is very sweet to remember though, and I am gutted and kick myself for giving up a free wine tour of Tuscany because I am hungover... idiot.

I walk back to the hostel and say goodbye and thanks to everyone again for their amazing hospitality and generosity; then head back to my actual hostel, collect my bag and check out. Now I had only paid for one night, but as I wasn't around the second night I still hadn't paid yet; so when I went to pay, the guy said, ''no you paid''... as I am so broke it is very tempting to agree, but I figure that would be bad kharma, especially as I have been so taken care of thus far, I do not want to tempt the gods.. so I begrudgingly pay and head to the station.

Like I have said, at this point I am very sad to leave Florence, but know I'll be back, so it is just ciao for now. I buy my train ticket and just miss the next train to Venice by 5mins, so have to wait another hour - great just enough time for the hangover to really start kicking in. I sit down on my pack and stare vacantly at the platform screen above, waiting for my platform to come up.

It is currently 14:25 and my train is due at 15:25, looking up I can only see one train due to Florence at 15:35, so I figure this must be it. At 15:00, still no platform is up, weird. 15:10, still no platform, panic. I search all the screens again and see that there is a 15:25 train to Venice, I was just looking at the wrong screen! I rush to the train, which is pretty much full now, find my seat and 5mins later we are leaving. That was close.

A few hours later and I am met by the kind smiling face of Linda - who I swear is my angel at the moment, I sit at the table with her and 4 people I actually trained with on the training trip for TravelX. Pretty crazy to think of all that has happened since then, and seeing familiar faces is great, but I do not envy their position, I am so happy with where I have ended up.

I was excited to see familiar faces, but one of them actually ends up being less friendly towards me than random crew members I met along the way - let me remind you that this is someone I spent 21days with, 24hours a day, and we were in the same position.. now she has been made site manager and seems to have grown more of an attitude with it. She barely turns around to say hi and then they all carry on talking TravelX talk, as if to make it obvious that I am not crew... ah well.

Another tour group gets in with a lovely tour leader, who of course knows my story and says ''don't worry, from what I heard they were sad to lose you'', this makes me feel slightly better.

Some drinks, then in the words of LMFAO ft. Lil Jon "shot shot shot, shot shot shot, everybody!"

AND they definitely do not mention H2O in this song, so...

Last memory, sitting at a table with crew, sculling back my gin & tonic as I was double parked... this is exactly the point where Tash exits the scene, and her drunk under-study comes in to take over...

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