It's not a date. Day 7

The day:
One week on and what a week. Now because Linda is away I haven't got to officially speak to her about the position, and slight panic rises, what if it changes?... No it's fine, I'm sure it's fine. I spend the morning catching up on emails, and finally start actually writing this blog, as this is something I have been meaning to do for ages - that is another tick for my 2012 list!

I go to get dressed and notice that there is actually grey clouds outside. Shit. It was bound to happen at some stage, I rummage through all my dresses and find the one warmish outfit - some trousers and a thin long sleeved top (the only one I brought).

Again I take myself into Florence, wander around and decide it is time for a pizza. I take myself to a restaurant in a Piazza overlooking the Carousel. I get chatting to the owner Alessandro (yet another gorgeous O) and he said that if I come by in a month he may have work for me in their new bar. Again it is a a while away, but another option nonetheless. So it appears that if you are willing to put yourself out there and just talk to people, opportunities can arise where you least expect. Don't get me wrong, I'm not naiive, I am sure being a girl and mildy attractive helps, but I have always believed in speaking to anyone and everyone where possible, because you just never know where that may take you.

The Night:
While chatting with another one of the O's from the hostel yesterday he asked if I had been out to Fiesole yet, or had a Florentine steak - the answer being "no" to both of these of course, so he mentioned maybe going.

While sitting at the bar chatting to more O's, I joke with one that we should get married so I can have an Italian passport and he could get a New Zealand/Australia passport. Then they start giving me shit about going to Fiesole with the other O, saying that it is a romantic spot you take someone, oh dear I've done it again...

I argue my case, saying it's not like that, then when he turns up, the O that I am going to marry starts giving him shit asking why he his taking his wife to dinner... ah Italian men, you have to love it. They joke around for a bit, I promise my future husband O that I will behave and we leave.

Just a 20min drive on a scooter, and we are at the top of the Tuscan hills overlooking Florence, and we happen to arrive at sunset, and the restaurant has a perfect view of Florence laid out at our feet... ok, ok, this is all sounding very romantic, but it is definitely not like that, this O is just a great guy and we are just friends - even though this is definitely the most beautiful spot I have ever had dinner...

We order our Florentine steak (to share because it is 1kg of meat) a gorgeous half bottle of Tuscan red, and this is just heavenly. 

But I was right, my rule is still in tact, as this O is a perfect gentleman, there was no hint of anything else and he never once makes a move (thankfully because it would be very hard to refuse in this setting). We finish dinner (he pays which I am annoyed at, as it does kind of seem like a date now, but he said it was just a treat to experience Florence), head back in but swing by the fortress for a drink first. This is an old fortress where there is a bar and music outside overlooking a man made lake; I love this kind of thing, and it is not touristy, it's where all the locals go to drink.

I have to admit, that if this were a date it would be perfect. So guys if you ever happen to be in Florence and want to impress a girl, this is how you go about it. However this is not a date, though I do fall more and more in love with Florence.

Back to the hostel bar, where surprise surprise, everyone is drinking. More drinks here, back to some of the guy's place for more drinks then tonights O walks me back to the hostel, we say good night and I make my way to bed, managing to keep my alter ego at bay, for now...

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