In the space of 30 minutes. Day 8

I wake up at 9am, which considering I didn't get to bed until around 3am is quite remarkable. But I am surprisingly feeling alright though - I think I am starting to get into the groove where you can drink every night and still function the next day (this is not a good thing...)

I pack up my bag as Linda is returning today and I want to leave the room nice for her, it was also her birthday, so even though I have very limited funds I really want to get her something to say thanks; as this is the absolute least I can do for her considering how much she has done for me.

I head to the food market in San Lorenzo square - which by the way I have somehow managed to walk past this huge warehouse everyday. It houses beautiful, fresh produce, oils, cheese, meat, fruit etc, it is my kind of market! I have been absolutely craving fruit lately so I buy some apricots, grapes and strawberries which will be my breakfast and lunch. Ooh, there is a florist too, perfect. I buy Linda some orchids which I love and head back to the hostel to wait around for her to hear the news on the job.

Linda gets in, says thanks for the orhids which are apparently her favourite (nailed it), then tells me that the job is mine. It will entail looking after the bar, marketing, liaising with the tour groups, entertaining etc. Amazing! Though as I've said, I will be sad to leave Florence, I will make Venice my own too. And the relief of finally having a job is more than I can explain.

So of course we have a beer to celebrate, and are joined by an Aussie guy who met Linda last year when he came through with a tour. I realize that I don't actually have accomodation for the night and don't want to assume that I can crash with Linda, or take her hospitality for granted, so I go to reception to book in for another night, but they are fully booked, woops. I decide to head back downstairs and deal with this soon; but I am about to get more than I bargained for, in the space of 30mins everything has changed...

Dramas at the hostel, long story short: the hostel is getting painted, management didn't organize any accomodation for the painter, so they have told Linda she needs to move out of her room and share with someone else for a month. She refuses on the principle that it is her room, and she is in her 30s and does not want to be sharing a room at this stage of her life and career. She thinks about leaving the company altogether...While Linda is waiting on phone calls and having meetings about whether she even needs to move out of her room tonight, I book into the cheapest accommodation I can find.

Panic. I feel terrible for Linda, as she is not only an amazing person, but incredibly hard working and passionate too, it just doesn't seem right. But without being selfish am also starting to panic, because with all of this going on, my job is also not guaranteed anymore, and if they screw Linda over would I really want to work for them anyway?...

So in the space of 30mins I am now potentially jobless again. Panic. Linda is still waiting to hear about what is going on, and whether she is now homeless - so what is the best way to calm the nerves and blow off steam? Salute!

Again we drink all night, Linda doesn't have to leave her room tonight, but there is still no answer on what is going on with her job, and mine for that matter. I of course don't make it back to my hostel, and find myself passing out face down beside Linda.

side note: romantic or obsession
So the Aussie guy that joined us, as I said, had only met Linda for a couple of days a year ago when he passed through Rome on on his tour. He is back traveling Europe, but after a few drinks tells me that the main reason he is here is to see Linda, and see if something can happen. Romantic?... Well he said that they got along really well and have kept in touch, so he thinks there is something there. What he doesn't realize is that not only is Linda just lovely and friendly and would respond and keep in touch with most anyone, but she also has a boyfriend... I don't have the heart to break this to him when he confides all of this in me. It is kind of sweet, and he means well, but it is such a huge call to come all the way from Australia for someone you only met for 2 days. If this worked out it would be the stuff of legends - one of those beautiful romantic stories that you hear, and all go "ahhhh... how amazing!" On the flip-side, when things like this don't work out, you find yourself thinking - that is a little creepy and obsessive... very fine line.

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